Company Profile

Located in Changhua, Taiwan, our company has operated the printing business for forty years. We have found that the printing industry, more like the manufacturing industry than the service industry, can’t touch the consumers’ heart. Through looking around various fields, we have found that the most impressive services are from financial professionals serving their VIP customers. Therefore, we establish the brand “Bag Bank” to provide the best service with the attitude and practice of VIP banking services.

Bag Bank Business Philosophy: service, enthusiasm, pragmatism, and creativity. We will always make the best paper bags, providing the thoughtful service, fast quotation, high quality products, and transparent pricing to all customer. Meanwhile, with the spirit of caring for the earth, energy saving, and carbon reduction, we adhere to use the eco-friendly paper and ink. In order to carry out environmental responsibility, we make our products non-polluting and recyclable.

We endeavor to create the customer value while focusing on R&D and innovation. In 2011, we launched the new patented bags without holes for our customers, hoping to better benefit the customers’ product packaging and corporate image. We have also been cooperating with the disadvantaged groups in Taiwan for a long time, providing training and job opportunities for these friends to make paper bags, and helping them have a stable income and integrate into the social life. When you order the paper bags, you also help these disadvantaged people. Thank you for giving the opportunities to us and to them.

Insist on Making the Best Paper Bags for Customers with the Enthusiasm for Serving the VIPs

“Bag Bank” presents to all customers the thoughtful service, fast quotation, high quality products, and transparent pricing and at the same time insists on using the eco-friendly paper and ink. We take our environmental responsibility by making our products non-polluting and recyclable.


“Bag Bank” at the same time endeavors to make every paper bag like making a boutique bag. The design discussion before the production and the provision of high digital quality digital proofing or prototypes will make your bags more valuable and increase the brand image and sales.


“Bag Bank” endeavors to create customer value and fulfill the environmental responsibility. Meanwhile, we strive to take the social responsibility by taking care of the disadvantaged and single-parent families. In order to improve the quality of paper bags you order, we will carefully train these friends to skillfully make the best paper bags for you. This will not only increase their income, create the job opportunities, and improve their lives but also make them more confident to integrate into the society. Therefore, when you order paper bags, you will also help them and practice the utmost social responsibility. Here we’d like to express our gratitude to you. We will keep striving to become a social enterprise to contribute to the society.

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